Photography Workshops in Mumbai, Pune and Dubai

Sameer Belvalkar conducts photography basic photography workshops as well as Masterclasses in Mumbai as well as Pune which are very sought after by beginners and professionals alike. The intention of these is purely knowledge and experience sharing which starts from technicalities of photography and moves over to the aesthetics and creativity and ends in the business of photography. With so much being said there is enough hands on work for all the participants where they get lighting setups and their own professional model who they work on. One of the primary focus is also to decode and wield natural as well as artificial light and make it work for every photographer.

So far we have successfully executed a few dozens of these for amateurs as well as professionals across the country. The key highlights of these workshops are elaborate lighting setups, professional models, professional makeup and hairstyling, and very elaborate and fine-tuned tips/tricks (which come from almost 2 decades of experience) that makes a major difference and pits the workshop close to none other.

We are also in the process of customising workshops for corporates and companies, closed groups, kids and others. If you want anything customised for you in anyway please do get in touch with us for details.

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Future Workshops

Please fill out the information here to get updates regarding future workshops. If you want a customized workshop for your organization, closed group or photography club please do write in to us.

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