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Sameer Belvalkar, a name synonymous with superlative imagery, quick turnaround time & trust is one of the leading photographers in India and probably the only photographer who is also a TEDx speaker. His experience, that spans almost 2 decades as a professional fashion photographer has been the muscle for a multitude of happy clients who have been able to push their brand to the next level. Sameer is well-known for being extremely creative in his approach and has been using his imagination to produce fine quality imagery and is headquartered in Mumbai, Pune and Dubai.

Backed by numerous successful brands and also individuals who have made it big on television and film he is undoubtedly one of the leading photographers. As you browse through you will realise that his work will speak louder than these words.


One of The Famous Fashion Photographers In Mumbai

What started about 17 years ago on a whim and a prayer with no formal training in photography is now the name to be associated with for everyone. A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work have been the key ingredients in making this self-taught photographer into one of the finest names in the photography business, churning out myriads of international level shoots in the fashion and advertising domains. “Minimalism” And “Less is more” being his mantras he shoots with a difference and over the years has honed his skills offering his clients a body of work that is constantly evolving. Sameer has been associated with some of the top bands in the country offering 360-degree photography and peripheral services for everyone he has worked with.

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Learn. Implement. Create.
Developing a style of work is paramount for any photographer. Sameer, having developed his own trademark style - minimalist, graphic and bold - is now helping numerous aspiring fashion and glamour photographers across the county and overseas to tap into their potential. He conducts basic photography workshops and masterclasses twice a year which are thronged by a mixed audience ranging from amateurs to professionals wanting to carve a niche for themselves. Along with helping a number of fashion and glamour photographers all over develop their unique style of shooting, he also instils in them a business sense which further helps them market themselves and reach out to their prospective markets. Unlike other photographers Sameer shares his knowledge without any filters as he believes it is almost impossible to replicate anybody else’s work.


  • I shot with Sameer for a magazine cover and it was one of my best shoots. He is one of the few photographers who surely knows his art. I look forward to working with him again.

    Urvashi Rautela
    Supermodel and Actor
  • Sameer is one of the best photographers I have every worked with. His thought process and his vision for every single picture is remarkable. His way of telling a story through his photography is something that very few have. I also find him to be the most easy going and the quickest photographer I have ever worked with. When it’s Sameer, I know Urbane shoots are in good hands. Kudos to you Sam.

    Abhishek Kulkarni
    Publisher - Just Urbane Magazine
  • Shooting with you will always be one my most special memories because not only was that my first ever photoshoot for a magazine (Verve) , everything about that shot was so fresh, spontaneous and alive ! Thank you Sameer for making that day so easy and unforgettable!! About time we recreate that magic ♥

    Nimrat Kaur
  • I thoroughly enjoyed going through your work. Good latitude of work and very contemporary and elegant. Keep it up! Hope to see more superlative work in the years to come.

    Gautam Rajadhyaksha
    Legendary Photographer
  • Adonis photographer with his own style. When I shot with him for the first time, I think we had the most quickest shoot and what amazing pictures!
    I believe every photographer brings out a different me and he definitely brought out the best.

    Mugdha Veira Godse
  • He is a Rockstar. I shot the Femina cover with Sameer and the guy in the photo was far better looking than me. That’s what Sameer does to you. He brings out that person in you which you never knew existed.

    Swwapnil Joshi
  • They say a pictures speaks a thousand words. Sameer’s work speaks louder than words. He is one of the most organised photographer I have met so far. The assignment I gave him required a quick response. Shooting celebrities is always a challenging job especially when one doesn’t have the luxury of time. Inspite of all the difficulties Sameer gave us the work without compromising the quality. His sense of lighting, capturing the mood, framing and most importantly understanding of the tight timeline is really admirable. He is also very friendly and easy to get along person. I would love to work with him more often.

    Sachin Ambekar
    VP / ECD, GTB India
  • When a man has an honest passion to drive ahead, to excel in his pursuits as a Photographer of consequence…then Sameer Belvalkar is blessed with that ability to always share his knowledge with respective, enthusiastic minds. I’ve had the absolutely pleasure of working with this inspiring man (whom I regard today, as a true friend). Devoid of any arrogance in his attitude to work… he also shares a commitment to perfection, with everyone who is around him. With his particular attention to the correct lighting of a subject and his creative play of shadow & light…almost every image the man captures, tells a story in itself.

    Hemant Trevedi
    Designer & Fashion Director
  • His polished, experimental and effortless style of photography makes it a pleasure to work with him over and over again! He is thorough with the multifaceted processes of fashion and glamour photography. Fashion is a collaborative field and being a fashion stylist myself, creating this vital collaboration with Sameer has resulted in creating standout images!

    Pooja Shah
    Creative Director - More Mischief/Teatro Bond
  • Sameer is my brother, a superb guy and one of the best photographers around. I love his work and look forward to working with him again. Keep rocking like you always do brother.

    Sonu Sood
  • Sameer is one of the most easy going people to work with from the short list of talented photographers! His style is contemporary, classic & glamorous at the same time! Above all, he makes you so comfortable that you take to his shoot like a fish takes to water!

    Tusshar Kapoor
  • Sameer Belvalkar had shot me so beautifully for the Femina Pune cover, that its still one of my favourite images of me. He is a brilliant photographer and a fantastic human being. I wish Sameer, a fellow taurean all the very best for his bright future

    Natasha Suri
    Miss India, World - Actress