Almost there… And so i begin everyday.


About Us

Photography is practically, all my life – for what it has been so far and what it will become in the days to come. My formal degree of chemistry helped me enjoy my time in the darkroom a little better. As for the M.B.A that I earned, it keeps helping me in innumerable ways not to mention manage my finances better.

I like to believe I shoot with a difference – bringing my subject to life is what I strive for. What began on a whim soon followed by my first lens that cost me the earth and sky, today provides the bread, butter and from time to time, a little orange marmalade.I learn everyday and get better at what I do side-by-side Some veterans of the art did steer my ship and gave me direction and with that I believe, fate did intervene.

I’ve pretty much been in the right place at the right time, but there’s been a lot of hard work in between.Having come a long way from the days of film and retakes unlimited, today the medium intrigues me far more than the technicalities of photography.
The passion as always – is a self sustaining organism. Feed it well, and it’ll grow with time.

Sameer Belvalkar